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7 Tips on How to Increase Ranking on Airbnb

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Every host at least once tried to solve the puzzle on how to improve the ranking of the listing and make it appear on the top of Airbnb,, or HomeAway search results. This is a common issue for new and even experienced short-term rental owners.

To ease the torment, I have identified my top 7 ways to increase the ranking on best know platforms for short-term rentals and start generating more revenue.

Just keep in mind: all further suggested actions are based on my own experience running and optimizing more than 80 STR listings all over the world. If it worked for me, it might not necessarily work for you. 

And one more thing: never trust a person, who “knows” how the Airbnb algorithm works. Never!

So, let’s get started!

1. Continuous involvement in the process

Most of us would prefer sitting on a terrace with a stunning sea view, sipping a glass of wine while money-making itself. 

Sounds like a solid plan, but there is one flaw. Let’s be honest: it is totally possible to do so if your business is fully optimized and reached a scale of IKEA.

In our case, Airbnb rewards you for being an active user.

What does it mean? The only thing you have to do is to log in to your profile and make some alterations to your listing. For example, block a few dates in August and make them available again in a few minutes, or change the pricing for certain dates and reverse them back in a moment. 

Airbnb algorithms probably consider such simple actions as positive hence, it can impact your score in a good way.


2. Diversification

“Don't put all your eggs in one basket”

This is exactly what I mean by diversification.

Most owners would follow the beaten track by creating listing on Airbnb and

Even though the above-mentioned platforms are world leaders, do not forget that there are still several other websites with a high rating and an impressive amount of users. Here is just a few of them:

 - HomeAway;

 - Agoda;

 - Expedia;

Sales channels diversification will allow you to reach even more potential guests since every region country or city prefers absolutely different tourism services and short-term rental is not an exception.

Revolvio specializes in setting and optimization of rental listings across various channels thus helping you save your time, resources, and life energy!


3. Multilingual Descriptions

The problem of publishing listings only in one language is usually inherent in CIS countries and Commonwealth realms. If in the case of Commonwealth realms it is not a big deal since English is their official language and in combination, the most commonly spoken language in the world. Whereas in the case of CIS countries this issue is rather confusing.

Airbnb allows hosts to publish listings in more than 5 languages hence providing you with an opportunity to adapt your listing to the main search engine language.  

For instance, on there are only a few free type fields available, that’s why the automated translation of standard words is their’s forte.

One very important thing I always emphasize to my customers:

The main language of the listing must be English. Don’t be lazy and thoroughly translate all the information you have entered. It will definitely help your listing get more attention from foreign travelers.

 But if you don’t have time or desire we are here for you!

Revolvio team provides personalized copywriting in 8 different languages.


4. Profile Description

According to our survey, 70% of hosts fail to complete users' profiles on and 54% on Airbnb.

It is crucial to built trust with your audience, so make sure you fully complete the profile.

Short-term rental platforms pay significant attention to the host’s profile as Airbnb promotes a personalized and authentic experience for every guest. So, delaying the fulfillment of personal profile might eventually play a mean joke on you.

Always provide at least some information about yourself, your hobbies, and do not forget to mention how fabulous your property is. Moreover, for the best result do it in 3-4 languages. 


5. Keywords and SEO 

SEO abbreviation is usually associated with website promotion and a ton of money. In our case, this is a detailed analysis of keywords and inquiries in a specific region. As a rule, most visited places, streets, touristic attractions can be exact keywords you are looking for. By all means, searching for the right keywords is not a simple task, and requires much attention to details, however even a person who does not know a thing about SEO will be able to do it.

Revolvio uses multiple analytical programs to find the most appropriate keywords for your listing.


6. Pictures

Take it from us, do not save on interior photoshoots. According to statistics, high-quality photos increase sales on average by 36%. This is an amazing indicator taking into account that your expenses for a professional photographer will be paid off after 2-3 actualized reservations. 

I often suggest to create a warm, comfortable, and hospitable ambiance at your property to display a “home away from home” concept for potential guests. This will help your listing stand out and get more attention from viewers that will eventually result in a higher conversion rate.


7. Guests communication

Always remember, your property is like a hotel business. 

You communicate with the guests, do check-in and check-out, offer housekeeping services, etc. All of the above is your responsibility. Usually, guests have a lot of questions before arrival or before even booking your place. That's a very common thing. Try to provide as much information as possible so the guest can feel your care and attention. If your customer receives unique and personal service, this is almost 100% guarantee that most of them will leave a positive review that will later pay you off with a larger number of bookings.


To sum up, the algorithms on AirbnbBooking, and other websites constantly tweaks and changes. 

Short-term rentals platforms always strive to provide a better and more affordable service for hosts and travelers. 

Remember: optimization, a well-written description, and strategic pricing is only 20% of your success. The warm hospitality and personalized service are the keys to leave each of your guests with a memorable experience.

Keep in mind those tips and your short-term rental business will pay you off quite soon.

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